Miami, US

Miami (/mi.ja.mi/3; English: /maɪˈæmi/4 or /maɪˈæmə/) is an American city in the southeastern state of Florida, on Biscayne Bay. A world-class financial and cultural centre, its tourist port is the world's leading cruise ship port, with one-third of the world's fleet. The seat of Miami-Dade County, the city of Miami has a population of 463,347 according to 2017 estimates2 , making it the second largest city in Florida after Jacksonville and the forty-fourth largest city in the United States. Its inhabitants are called Miamians5. It is a world-renowned resort city, part of a string of resorts stretching from Key West. Miami is the largest urban centre in a vast metropolitan area with a population of 6,158,824 (2017), the seventh largest in the United States after Washington, D.C. and ahead of Philadelphia.

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